Fake Deadlines

Discussion (4)

  1. G2

    Had this done to me as well last week and again this week. Gotta love those “fake deadlines”. Oh and “Because there isn’t much you can do about it.” That is what Yvonne is saying right?

  2. CornellArchi04

    I had this happen to me too many times, it was a Friday afternoon and a principal walks by and says hey can you help me pick up some redlines really quick (low and behold it was a full set of redlines for a hospital, and not my project), so I asked “When do you need these by?” The principal said “As soon as possible”. Spent friday night, all weekend, and placed on the principal’s desk for monday morning. They sat and collected dust for three days…..

  3. make

    I am convinced you guys have a tiny camera hidden in my computer that records my daily office life. Each cartoon reads like deja vu.

  4. ashok

    Ive been following Architexts for a while…Interesting to know that architects and their offices work and behave the same way anywhere in the world…good work