CAD Standards Review: Part 1

Discussion (3)

  1. ARCHcowboy

    When I started at my current firm, all the new people, about 6 of us, went though 10 lunch time sessions of CAD standards presented by the dryest, most boring, lack of any personality, person ever. Since then, no one has gone through ANY CAD standard sessions in over 5 yrs… Not sure which is worse, sitting through those sessions, or dealing with interns that don’t know how to draw to the office standard.

  2. G2

    “CAD Standards”, much like the “Pirate Code” are more of a set of guidelines really. That is what experience has taught me in my career.

  3. jeremiah

    when asked, most bosses that i’ve had these last 6/7 years will say “as long as it looks right, I don’t care how you get it done” – or some derivations thereof. :-\