Supporting Advancement

Discussion (3)

  1. E Architect

    The LEED exam is not the ARE no matter how hard Green Building Council tries to mimic it. It is too bad people feel they actually need LEED AP certification. Save your time, your money and all the paperwork and use what you learned in Architecture School… oh, you are not an Architect? That’s OK, you can still sit for LEED so long as you meet their ever-changing criteria and maintain your credentials and spend more money and time and… well you get the idea. I’m sorry I ever went through the LEED process. What does LEED actually really get you?

  2. Random Architect

    Hilarious! When I took the ARE, my office not only had none of the study books, but after I bought them all and passed all the exams, they actually asked if I wanted to donate the books to the office library! HAHAHAHAHAH!

  3. Mickey-A

    They want us to advance and improve ourselves just on our own time and dollar. I would have said dime for the rhyme but inflation must be taken into account. They may reward us with higher salary but not likely. Architecture is small business and small profit margins. So anything they can do to cut costs and ask us to suck it up.
    @E Architect: It gets you alphabet soup. Something the firm can market.
    @Random Architect: donate those study guides to your local AIA. Your office will still be able to borrow them but so will their competition and other worker ants like yourself.