Kids’ Fundraisers

Discussion (3)

  1. G2

    Yes, I remember getting the catalogs at school, sell so much, get these prizes! They were pretty good prizes too, but of course, I had to go around the neighborhood selling the goods to get to that prize level. Heck, I’m sure my mum and dad would have been able to bring my goods to their place of work and do the same thing that parents nowadays are doing. But it taught me if I wanted something, that I would have to work for it and it would not just be given to me.

    Indeed, how times have changed.

  2. Random Architect

    I think I still have some butter braids in the freezer I bought from a co-worker for their kid’s fundraiser from like 4 years ago.

  3. that guy

    even worse than candy, my firm’s president’s kid’s sell trash bags for $10. who the hell want’s to buy trashbags from school children?