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  1. sackah

    They say “god bless you” to me… must be you, Joker. LOL… I used to get BB messenger texts from the other side of the office with “god bless you”. :)


    That is so true, I was with an office that use to be a lobby and it terrible acoustics, so when someone sneezed, the whole world could hear! Still, no one would say bless you. Strange.

  3. E Architect

    All the offices I have worked in have been very bad about cracking down on “sick” workers. It must be the strong work ethic or whatever we Architects gain back in school. Anyway – we have big jugs of antiseptic gel around the office and sneezing is more like standing up and yelling you have typhoid fever here. You will not get a “bless you” but rather a “go home!”.

    Also – “Bless you” is a bit to religious for our multicultural staff – not everyone believes that the devil will steal your soul if you sneeze and that you need a superstitious reflexive comment to ward off the evil.

    I have used “Gesundheit”, a wish for healthiness – but some people do not understand it.

    What we have collectively settled upon is to yell back to the sneezing person – “Nose Works!”

  4. Chad Cooper

    When I worked in an office, I used to say…
    “Nice going ‘Mr. I Hope Everyone Around Me Gets Sick’! You’re going straight to Hell for that!”
    Then I’d laugh and laugh… while everyone else remained completely silent…

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