Space Heaters

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  1. Jason

    Funny thing is, with the number of space heaters that end up in offices, it would cost the firm less to just turn the heat up that few degrees!


    They are good, until the fire marshal comes to do their routine office building inspection, then frantic emails fly out to put them away!

  3. ARCHcowboy

    i attempted to wear a frumpy unprofessional hooded sweatshirt for the first 6 months at my job to make a statement of the cold (both winter and the over air conditioned summers)… eventually i gave up and just kept multiple sweaters stashed at the office.

  4. Roman Michael

    I worked for a firm that was so cheap the upstairs bathroom didn’t have hot water because they didn’t want to pay for it. rumor has it that the principals also used the profit for the year to have the staff design and create construction docs for their homes instead of handing out Christmas bonuses.

  5. Snowblind

    What is it about architectural offices and truly abysmal HVAC systems? 4 places in 11 years, and all of them have terrible HVAC problems (no heat, no AC, or no ventilation what so ever in one case.).

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