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    The worse is when your PM builds it up and calls it an “opportunity”, only to find out that the design is cookie-cutter and someone has already designed it….a long time ago.

  2. Random Architect

    Or you find a client, bring a project into the firm, begin designing and managing it and the next thing you know one of the principals takes over your project and re-does the whole thing totally different than you envisioned it.

  3. Mickey-A

    Yes! I was told by both the principal and the PM they wanted me to design the auditorium space. It was an early BIM program, Bentley Architecture. I spent most of my time helping everyone else with the software. I only had time to mass the interior for the deadline and then was pulled off to work on another project. The Pricipal and PM proceeded to design the space without telling me. The HVAC engineer was the one who broke the news to me when he asked me questions about “my” design.
    The PM and I were friends before that incident. We were not afterwards.

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