End of The Year: Part 1

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  1. G2

    Something like this always happens where I work, we always call it, “The Moving Target Deadline”.

  2. Don

    Happens every year – and then the documents sit on a desk for two weeks while the other office is shut down.

  3. Eric

    Funny thing is this is happening this year to me! I was pulled off to help on this project and we have two deadlines surrounding Christmas, the 22nd and 27th of December.

  4. B.T.

    Oh my goodness…you mean you actually have to WORK near the end of the year? How HORRIBLE!!! I feel so bad for you…!

  5. Ray

    Poor thing, having been unemployed for over a year, I would cherrish the act to have to work!

  6. Ian

    10 years at my current office and only one holiday season has gone without a major deadline, but looks like this year will be pretty good. And absolutely thankful for the job right now.

  7. Tim

    Our office will be closed this year from December 24 through January 3. Most of our clients and cosultants are closed during the holiday season and we don’t have any pressing deadlines. I do know of some offices that are rushing to get projects into the Building Departments before the end of the year to avoid having to comply with the new building code that takes effect on January 1, 2011.

  8. lorem

    Sometimes clients have unreasonable expectations lol!

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