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  1. B.T.

    Being a better student does not necessarily mean you’re a better designer or architect.


  2. lorem

    Yes, it would be terrible if someone you knew from school became successful. Let’s hope that never happens!

  3. Dingle

    I fail to see how this is funny. I think it’s more sad than anything. Sad that you’re so narcissistic that you can’t appreciate the contribtuions of others. Sad that you’d rather wallow in your self pity than congratulate your classmate. Sad that instead of seeing your classmate’s work as an example to strive towards, you wish to see him fail. Sad that instead of taking it upon yourself to improve your own circumstances, you blame your problems on your circumstances.

    How dare someone be good at what he does and enjoy his work!

  4. Old Architect

    It’s a comic; lighten up! Good grief.

  5. Luiz

    shut up!

  6. Prag

    The humor in this has nothing to do with wishing harm or a lack of success upon a former classmate. Please learn to laugh at life and please develop the analytical skill to understand something before you criticize it.

  7. sackah

    Dingle, really? LOL, people amaze me. This IS funny!

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