End of The Year: Part 2

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  1. G2

    “You rush to meet a client’s unreasonable deadline…”

    More like the bosses deadline here in this little realm of hell. You’re right though! “Jerks.”

  2. Mickey-A

    How about this: large project with several out of town consultants the construction manager is responsible for printing. I hand delivered the originals to the CM’s office by noon so the printers could have them ready for biders the next morning. 4pm the construction manager calls me requesting half size sets. After a bit of “discussion” I reminded them they were responsible for printing and distribution, the project was out to bid tomorrow and those drawings they were half way through redlining were the originals. 3 days later I hand delivered the new originals to the printers and invoiced the CM.

  3. cormac

    Too accurate – I was getting drawings and specs together (working 16 hour days for 2 weeks) to submit a Kindergarten addition, pulling everything together for permit and also state funding review. AND of course both the local and state offices are closed….We go through this every year, always submitting for permit around the holidays LIKE they are going to review anything…

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