A Year Ago Today

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  1. Shannon

    Glad to have it… the highlight of my day is seeing a new comic -even more so on a Saturday at work.. much like today!

  2. Eyepatch

    I definitely agree. I love reading these and watching what I know are real life experiences.

  3. Jaysdubb

    I love it. Don’t stop! Reading this comic is second to checking my email.

  4. Leedle

    So glad you decided to put in the work. My coworkers and I love reading these and discussing them. Keep the awesome coming!

  5. il Pelicano

    Congratulations, folks. Please find sustenance in the thought that you are not shouting into a vacuum.

  6. Ben


    Your cubicle isn’t nearly as organized as you’re showing. Is that a bottle of wine you’ve got stashed under the desk behind you ? I could have used that on a few occasions !

  7. FER

    my life on a comic….thanks and congratulations….

  8. archiangel

    Thanks guys for all the work you guys have put in to make all our lives a little more fun! :)

  9. serena

    Thanks for the daily reminder as to why I’m so happy not to be working at a certain Architecture firm anymore! :) Keep up the good work!

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