Timesheets: Warnings

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  1. Jim

    Just wondering when the multitude of unemployed architects get a scene in this story…I mean we’re probably your most loyal following out side of Perkins and Perkins crowd…seriously show some love to the struggler’s, stragglers & white men from the US who don’t have their parents paying for their apartments and aren’t on a god damn work visa acting as slave labor!

  2. G2

    Where I work is it the complete opposite, we don’t get any emails until the end of the year, THEN it becomes an issue since they want all the timesheets turned in.

  3. archiangel

    Oh, snap! Which reminds me… I got 11 minutes to submit mine before the weekly BCCed reminder to ‘the XX number of employees who have not filled their timesheet’ gets sent out.

  4. Tristain

    Haha, I literally just opened my e-mail as I came to check the comic… First e-mail to pop up? “Timesheet for week ending 1/29/11″. How’s a man supposed to think about timesheets when there are friday afternoon beers waiting?

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