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  1. il Pelicano

    Remarkable. I had stubbornly stuck to switching between 0 and 1, writing off 2 as one of those new intrusions typical of Autodesk’s usual user interface shenanigans.

    But now that there’s 2, what’s the point of an imageframe setting at all?

  2. Gianna

    What’s AutoCAD?

  3. Gayle

    wow, I’ve learned more from this comic than i have learned in many of the acad classes i’ve taken! Setting that baby to 2!!!!

  4. G2

    Well you have to keep the 0 and the 1 or else everyone will be asking what happened to them and how come they can’t have them as choices anymore.

  5. JCM


  6. Sarah

    Yeah, Revit.

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