Taking the AREs: Employer Support

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  1. Greg

    Never heard of an employer paying for you to take any part of the exam. Really, why should they? You will probably be working somewhere else, maybe by your choice or maybe not, in a year or two.

  2. Random Architect

    LOL! When I was ready to take my exams, my boss said they were planning to buy the complete study package for the office library, so I held off for a while. Every time I’d ask about the study guides, he’d say they haven’t gotten around to it yet. Eventually I just bought them all myself, took every test and passed in about 6 months. They still don’t have the study material in the office.

  3. E Architect

    I have only heard of the rumor of firms paying for the ARE, never actually witnessed it – might be wishful thinking. For a while our office was paying people who took AND passed the LEED exam… but that was before they changed it last year – really not worth all the time, effort and cost.

  4. G'day from WA

    My previous office would pay for the exams if you passed (we have a similar system in Australia), but the week I found out I passed I told them I was leaving, and none of us mentioned that office policy again.
    My current office has a somewhat Franklin & Newbury attitude towards the exams.

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