Losing Jobs

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  1. Drafter J

    I wish I could count the number of jobs lost to firms like that. We submit a bid, and they manage to under cut it by 15%, but somehow the final costs run 50% over…

  2. E Architect

    Most people (clients) don’t really know why they need an Architect so they go with the “cheap one” and end up getting a corresponding level of service. It is not so much the Boss not selling the firm correctly as it is the Clients doing such a poor job of buying.

    Also, Clients that go shopping for a BIG NAME Architect end up paying more for that name than for any possible special talent. Clients need to shop around and not fixate on such singular aspects as price or pedigree.

  3. Greg

    So is anyone going to be laid off? That’s what usually happens in this situation.

  4. bnasser

    Yeha… it´s truth… it happens for us architects, and as well as for construction companies! Here, in Mozambique, we have some Chinese Companies that go to a contest with very low prices! we can´t understand how they do it!

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