Carpet Samples

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  1. moppet

    I carpeted an entire room of my house with random carpet tile samples once. Looked pretty cool actually.

  2. sag1271

    You know my motto:
    If it’s free, I’ll take two…

  3. sag1271

    Too bad Architexts new book isn’t free. But since I saved money on my floor mats I was able to purchase it. Well worth the $. My friends and family really like it and I like to look back at the strips first year without being in front of my computer. Somethings you just have to pay for I guess…

  4. bobm

    An office I worked at had a hospitality client that was redoing finishes. Chose a carpet manufacturer that did custom, ink dyed carpeting. We had a 25′ x 42″ wide sample that was going nowhere. I took it and recarpeted my entire van with it. Nothing like $40/yd carpet for a minivan..

  5. bobm

    …and our office now has our finishes area carpeted with 24″x24″ samples…probably a good 12 x 16 area and then some…