LEED AP with Specialty Credential

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  1. Don

    USGBC has turned into a money making machine.

  2. bob

    I am sick of giant glass boxes in places like Houston getting LEED Gold. Can someone explain how concrete is a green product? The kiln’s to produce the cement burn more fossil fuels than a power plant. If you look into it, you will find that every green product has paid off the GBC to have their product listed as green no matter how they raped the land to get it. GBC doesn’t care about saving energy or the planet, all they want is the Money. Now, back to my finish schedule. Give me VOC’s or give me Death!, just kidding, I’m trying to do my part for the environment, but I’m not paying the GBC to make me look good doing it.

  3. Tim

    Heck no!!!!
    None of our school clients have the funds to get their buildings LEED certified. Even if they did, they would have a hard time justifying the extra expense while they are laying off teachers.

  4. Dear Polia

    Couldn’t agree more

  5. G2

    Wait. There’s something new again to keep up with? wth?!?

  6. solstice1271

    I have been saying that USGBC is nothing but a bunch of manufacturers ridiculous ploy to get their products specified since the very beginning and nobody believed me. I don’t feel bad in the slightest for all you FOOLS and SUCKERS that fell for it just so you could have some meaningless letters on your business card and the thought it might be of benefit to your career advancement. Maybe you should just try to be more innovative on your own rather than being told too be!!!!

  7. Dean

    –Which is why I’ll keep my plain ol’ LEED AP: no specialty, no exams, no annual maintenance fee or education requirement (the AIA’s is enough)!

  8. Greg

    I saw a kitchen planner’s webpage that is LEED certified. Really????

    Is there any building product that isn’t ‘green.’ If you listen to the manufacturers they’re all green.

    And how many clients want to pay you for all the research, documentation, etc. It’s a money loser for the profession.

  9. Mara

    ha that about sums it up perfectly :)

    oh LEED……..