Revit Project

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  1. Claudia

    I swear that you guys are sitting in the desk next to me…

  2. Josh L.

    I remember when I did my first Revit project. It was pretty harrowing. Especially being an AutoCAD user for 7+ years. Granted the way our office uses it isnt the way an Architect would use it. (Foodservice Consultant)

  3. G2

    LoL You guys are psychic! That is how it happens here.

  4. Greg

    You have money for Revit licenses?

  5. student

    i second joker.

  6. formerly known as

    Happened almost verbatim last week. Please stop stalking me Joker. I like you, but just as friends.

  7. Sarah

    If one person on the project really knew Revit, the rest could probably learn over the course of the project after doing the tutorials. It makes what you learn easier to remember too.

  8. rkitect

    Hey, I know a consultant for hire a few hours a week that can walk you guys through the project! >_>