Lunch & Learn: Canceled

Discussion (3)

  1. Random Architect

    So true, so true. After finding out there is a lunch and learn coming up, the first question is not who is doing the presentation, the first question is what are they bringing for lunch!

  2. rkitect

    You mean all of your lunch and learns don’t end up hitting up Jason’s Deli? I mean you can only have Jason’s Deli ham and swiss so many times before you are happy they cancel them.

  3. copper

    Lars Burmeister, calzoncillos como Acqua
    Calvin Klein 365 , Dolce/Gabbana, Frankie Morello, Gianfrenco Ferre, Trussaedi, Versace, Lacoste, entre otras, posa esta vez para la nueva ropa interior de hombre .