Taking the AREs: The Day After

Discussion (8)

  1. hateARE

    Two weeks? I’ve never gotten any in less than six to eight weeks. Two weeks would be great!

  2. Sam

    Exactly, I even had to wait TWELVE weeks for one of them.

  3. Dear Polia

    I’ve had my results posted to the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners TWO weeks after the test; the actual letter took much longer to come. It may depend on your state.

  4. s

    2 weeks was my fastest, but 3-4 weeks was the norm. 12 weeks was my longest.

    Starting with BCDS is a bit rough. I always tell people to start with Construction Docs.

  5. Matt

    you think that a few weeks wait for a letter is the worst part and is out of date? How about practice software that is only designed to run properly on a 10 year old operating system??? x64 based systems have been public for almost a decade, but NCARB seems not to have noticed.

  6. Marjorie

    I always learned of my test results at Fl Dbpr way before I ever got the mail.

  7. Nicole T

    I received my ‘congradulations you’re an architect” letter before I ever received the final pass letter of the last test!

  8. Nicole T

    oops….”congratulations”…. I’m the person in the office that misspells something and then copies it a hundred times on all of the drawings!!! but my boss is a worse speller than me and rarely catches it. oops!