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  1. antman

    Shoulda used Revit… .-D

  2. Greg

    Being a typical small architectural firm, they can’t afford the Revit licenses and new computers to run it………..

  3. Tristain

    Literally happens at least twice a week… ‘What do you mean you didn’t get 60 hours of work done in the last two days?” Immediately followed by: “Well you at least got that other project I told you stop working on finished, right?”. Glad to know I’m not the only one…

  4. rkitect

    Can’t afford the license? I bet a if you were a professional race car driver you wouldn’t go around saying “I’d like to have a car faster than this ford fiesta, but I can’t really afford it…”

    Tool being used aside, isn’t it nice to know that at least this is a consistent fad in our industry across the boards :)

  5. JCM

    If the company had invested in Revit from the get go, subscription fees and license fees would have probably been offset by productivity gains and more work because of the gain in efficiency and reduction of errors.

  6. JCM

    not to mention the reduction of change orders, RFIs and F***-ups

  7. sackah

    @JCM ya, try telling that to the old farts that make the decisions – they still harp about how they could do things faster if they were doing it by hand… “be my guest” is what I say. Humpf. they can’t even make their own copies… AS IF – they are going to actually DRAW something…LMAO