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  1. Athenagorica

    With regards to ARE and IDP, the idea makes sense in a perfect world. But let’s be realistic by observing other countries and their registration systems, per say Spain, Germany and a Latin country such as Mexico. All these countries have magnificent architecture and architects, their registration system is simple, earn a Bachelor in Architecture (5-7 years of whole architecture studies) and submit a project closer enough to the real practice, where your design and all the application from the disciplines that ARE’s apparently cover fulfills these project, including code analysis and cost. I had the opportunity to study in Spain due family matters, indeed I carried out my Final Career Project, which was as complete as those we do in our day base at work here in the US. The overall comment is that when you graduate from school, even graduate school, everyone has to discover and learn how things are done in each office, even though young architects receiving their registration, simply is quite the same, still learning form the senior gurus that in every office at least there is one. However the trend in our days is that offices are quite looking for registered architects to detach the job of nursing and educating young people, by assuming the RA is the overall knowledge which is a lie again, and is not a surprise that more often RA are those who abandon a firm more frequent than interns. If we continue like this, we will be having to subcontract the drafting, and everything, most likely architects will be just an office of two people, the Architect (principal) and a Secretary, which in our days is very common to see this picture.

  2. lorem

    Spreadsheets are why your paychecks don’t bounce.

  3. sag1271

    Spreadsheets that are completed by the accountant/bookkeeper or some other person in the front office/admin staff is why I get paid. My busting my ass for peanuts and getting each job completed on time and under budget is why my paycheck doesn’t bounce.
    My 9 y/o daughter generates better looking presentations with Excel, Publisher and SketchUp than this office does with so much more!!!
    Maybe REVIT will eventually have a payroll component rolled into it. That way I can be responsible for payroll while I’m completing details and final coordination. Dare to DREAM….

  4. Josh L.

    Our principal does most of the design work. Although he does do some of the business stuff. Most of the concept design comes from him. But the rest of the development comes from the production team. Although Foodservice design is a bit less involved than Architectural Design.

  5. cadmonkey

    @lorem, i think the point isn’t that excel worksheets aren’t important, we all of course know they are; the point is that many of us went into architecture to design, but the realities of working in a firm, especially small ones, the higher up the ranks you get, the more time is spent crunching numbers and marketing to get new jobs.

  6. Patrick

    Been working on change orders and spreadsheets to track them all day….

  7. Drafter J

    Its a bleak reality after 11 years of college that I spend half of my time not doing architecturally related work. Job tracking, AP/AR, marketing, and yelling at contractors take more of my time then the grunt drafting.