Summer Interns 2011

Discussion (7)

  1. Darren

    ok, this is one is hilarious!

  2. Breworks

    Before I have given your strips a knowing smile. Today, you elicited an out loud chuckle.

  3. G2

    LoL That is awesome! Love this one!

  4. Josh L.

    Man, they’re lucky they even learned a useful program. I didn’t even get taught AutoCAD while going to architecture school.

  5. sackah

    ZiiiiiinG! bahaha… love it.

  6. Dear Polia

    Poor unfortunate soul! Revit? Design? He’ll be taking part in the summer intern rite of passage of cataloging the periodicals pretty soon!

  7. Greg

    Gee, they may get exposed to stuff you don’t hear much about in school, say zoning and code reviews, what happens when the design really doesn’t work, clients who don’t pay for the work you do, less than optimal hardware, what’s involved with putting together a good set of construction documents, and yada.