Out Of System Memory

Discussion (7)

  1. Breworks

    Don’t think of it as a setback … think of it as a chance to do it better!

  2. Arggg-itect

    HAHAHA…. this happens a lot here until we figured it out. No upgrades needed. Look up the 3gig switch setting on AutoDesk’s website. It is odd and an windows 32bit xp issue, not Autocadd’s but the fix makes XP unstable so there is no perfect win here.

  3. Random Architect

    Every time we’d have a memory/computer failure or a power outage, my old boss would loudly proclaim this is the reason he still drafts by hand. Well, maybe we should all take a hint and pull out the bum wad and drafting pencils again.

  4. Architexts

    Go for it! Then tell us how it went over! –Joker

  5. CLS

    Treat it like any other CAD error.

  6. MickeyA

    Ah the joys of Microstation. It saves after every command. Never a loss of work.

  7. AndrewM

    @ MickeyA: If Franklin + Newbury were using Microstation, the comic wouldn’t be anywhere near as funny, because most of the CAD jokes wouldn’t happen.