Base Drawings

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  1. Leanne

    I ALWAYS tell the engineers to get me their drawings before they are actually due, that way I get the on time.

  2. Jocelyn

    This is why engineers ignore the due dates, because we know they’re fake!

  3. Bielanski

    One of the great frustrations with ACAD stuff. “Back-saving” is a myth; think “export” and you’ll come out a lot better. Also.. 2000 format? WTF massively-overbilling engineer? PUT DOWN THE LETTERING TEMPLATE!

  4. Dear Polia

    Typical! The disregard for deadlines, the outdated software! I also set up fake deadlines, it’s the only way to get anything done in time; I got tired of having to resave and resend so I just assume everyone still uses 2007, but not too long ago I did encounter someone using 2000, shocker, so this is not far fetched.

  5. pedro

    One week is nice. I drafted some stupid 2d drawings for a client over the weekend “’cause they are very urgent, absolutely monday!” . Then I recieved a mail asking to re-save them on acad 2004 format, after A MONTH. And guess what, they where already on that format, the client never tried even to open the zip file.

  6. wtirado

    Just a delay tactic by engineers. I’ve seen that all the time, now its your fault because you didn’t’ save down the files, and they can be late and blame you. When there are plenty of FREE programs to save down those files.

  7. Tim

    We require our consultants to use Revit. There is no downsave feature there, so they have to stay current if they want to work with us.

  8. Bob

    That’s why ya ask first.

  9. Ray

    A good PM will have his consultant know their real deadline! So that you will have time to coordinate the drawings before the package goes out.