Detail Library

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  1. blackjordan1

    It must be different for you guys, but every job we do has unique details. There is always customization. So a detail library for us, would not be a time saver. That doesn’t stop my boss from suggesting it…

  2. Justin

    My office is currently under a big push to reduce hours, and increase efficiency (finally)… all the while neglecting the fact that we have no detail library, three different sets of drawings standards (depending on the person in charge of the specific project), and an outright refusal to spend any time on setting these things up. In other words, I feel your pain!

  3. Elise

    Our jobs like blackjordan1 are also unique and most of our details can’t be repeated, but we do have a standard library for details that would be ridiculous not to keep centralized: roof, elevator, stairs, ceiling, door, window, site, toilet room, accessibility stuff. If half that list wasn’t a standard (kept up to code whenever there is a change) there is a lot of time being wasted!

  4. Greg

    Wait until some wiz-bang new project manager says your standards are ‘all wrong’ and comes up with new standards that makes whatever you have in the library obsolete. Then the wiz-banger leaves after 3 month and you are left with the mess.

  5. CLS

    Yeah…Detail Library. My last employer used typical details. Each Principle and each job had it’s own unique set of Typcal Details.
    OH! Before I forget….I have a Unicorn for sale.