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  1. Brian

    For the record, as one of the few Engineers using Revit regularly I would pick it over AutoCAD even for simple renovations.

  2. Jim

    As with most of your comics I am nto sure if this is funny, said or pathetic. I guess in a few years we will look back on this like the old timers do with hand drawing and fondly remember AutoCAD and fax machines ; )

  3. Jay

    ….and here come the revit snobs

  4. G2

    This reminds me of the whole Mac vs PC thing…LoL

    They both have their strengths and weaknesses, it doesn’t have to be one or the other all the time. What would get rid of this whole debate thing is if Autodesk could just integrate both of them so it wouldn’t be one or the other but simply just, “The One”.

  5. joearch

    No architecture firm wants to do revit – it forces us to figure stuff out that has traditionally been done by the contractor, and the perception in the market is that all we have to do is hit one button and building is done (curse those autodesk sales people), so our fees probably won’t reflect the increased effort.

    That said, we will not be the ones making the choice. Like the change to autocad from hand drafting, it will be client driven at the top end of the market, and filter down.

  6. formerly known as

    Autodesk doesn’t want to integrate them into one product yet because they can get a hell of a lot of people to buy two licenses rather than one. I firmly believe they are marketing to clients selling them lies of reduced fees so that they demand it.

  7. Greg

    Had a couple of Revit classes a year ago. Like any other program it’s a tool for your tool box.

    The last firm I worked at talked about getting Revit for years. But like most firms, it was a Mom and Pop (or just Pop) operation. Most firms can’t afford the Revit licenses and the learning curve. The ‘average’ client doesn’t care how you draw it and many don’t care about the pretty picture. The want yesterday and thisclose to nothing.

  8. sorr

    but its just so much quicker…have switched from acad to revit, prefer to do my 2d drafting in revit now…ALIGN BITCHES!

  9. DaveP

    Have you noticed how the people who are now saying:
    “It’s faster to do it in AutoCAD than in Revit”
    are EXACTLY the same people who – 10 or 15 years ago – were saying:
    “It’s faster to do it by hand than in AutoCAD”?

  10. JCM

    There is a test to prove them wrong:
    1. Take their best drafter, and get a good (i didn’t say guru btw) revit person
    2. Make them both design a quick single story 2 bed 1 bath apartment
    3. Make them document just the basics (floor plan, RCP, Elevations and 1 Sections)
    3. At the middle of the “design phase” have a mandatory “client change” (get creative here)
    4. After submittal there is a change by the building reviewer (says zoning height was violated and the roof has to be 1 foot lower, also get creative here)

    In the initial stages perhaps they will be at a similar speed.
    But once the changes come into play, heck even the sections, then you notice the power of Revit.
    Not to mention if you add and have to revise schedules, keynotes, etc