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  1. Dear Polia

    Yeah, that’s what happens…

  2. wtirado

    Its like you guys actually sat right next to me in one of my old firms: That happened to me on site plans. I did two nearly perfect plans with very few redlines, and then I did the next ten in a row. Aaaarrggg!

  3. HTarch

    It could have been stairs, and be the stair master…

  4. nath

    u know what..? I think I gonna buy the comic one, then just give it to my boss as a gift.. he need to know how annoying he is.. hahaha..

  5. Casework King

    On another planet, far, far away….I ruled the casework & millwork universe on our hospital & lab projects LOL

  6. Breworks

    When they say you are an expert, tell them you want paid as an expert. With a good dose of sarcasm, this will make a point.