Harry Potter

Discussion (7)

  1. Elle

    In my experience, light chatting is okay as long as the boss is involved. Anything else… Not as much.

  2. lorem

    Light chatting invariably leads to heavy chatting. You got to nip that right in the bud.

  3. arched

    … and lack of light chatting leads to unhappy, uncollaborative, and therefore less productive employees.

  4. sackah

    I say – its my “smoke free” smoke break… have you noticed how much chatting the smokers do outside? everytime I turn arround they are all outside, and that is okay?

  5. G'day from WA

    It’s usually OK if the boss is a smoker

  6. formerly known as

    Lorem, your consistent middle management, ladder climbing style of comments shows your lack of social skills in a work environment, lack of HR personnel management skills (which they clearly don’t teach in any architecture school) and a willingness to put yourself above others as though your work ethic is the path to a successful firm. Your philosophy of “management” and false managerial logic leads to unsatisfied employees, lower productivity, and higher turnover making a firm and project teams more inefficient and less communicative. The best employees do not work in a vacuum.

  7. lorem

    Well, when that heavy chatting leads to full social intercourse don’t go looking to me.