AIA Contract Documents

Discussion (7)

  1. Robert Burns

    Plus the right to pay them for annual continuing education..

  2. Dear Polia

    That and some magazines.

  3. Matt

    You also get a fancy lapel pin! (that you can also just buy for like $5 if you wanted to).

  4. architect dude

    “Use them instead 1997 docs.” Grammar much?

  5. ahatziio

    it’s amazing what peer pressure can do, spend hundreds of dollars per year. or in my case approx., 14k in my 28 years to have 3 little initials after my name…can you say “what has the AIA done for me lately”


  6. Jason

    “use them instead OF THE 1997 docs … ” READ much?

  7. ra.ra

    Maverick: congrats on your opportunity to buy some AIA cred – - – add a LEED-AP-CSA-NCARB or any number of other acronyms on your biz card and the chicks will swarm to you.