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  1. Krushert

    Yeah! We got one of those bosses too.

  2. Josh L.

    Thankfully the owner doesnt bitch at us. He bitches about the client for wanting so many damn changes.

  3. G2

    The story of my life. LoL

    Sometimes we don’t even get two weeks, it is more like the day before or at the end of the day on Friday which requires weekend work.

  4. Drafter J

    Yeah… thats when I remind my boss that change is never free, even if its on a fixed fee project.

  5. sackah

    bahahhaha! CLASSIC!

  6. wtirado

    I am sure that the restaurant was a prototype and the fee was negotiated lower because the drawings were being regurgitated, then it was realized the finishes are not available anymore.

    Next you’ll find out the project doesn’t meet the current code, and there aren’t enough plumbing fixtures to meet new IPC and the bathrooms need to be redesigned and enlarged. Then there isn’t enough R-Value on roof because of the new energy code.

    After all that, the project is over budget and the finishes need to be downgraded to bring the project into costs.

    Oh by the way, all the above is a true story! Moral of the story NEVER negotiate a fixed fee on prototypes, insist on per hour or let them pay full fee.