Architects In Restaurants

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  1. Leanne

    I had a whole conversation once with my hairdresser about how the grid in the salon isn’t centered. It’s a curse!

  2. Dear Polia

    This is so true! And I’ve been there with the hair stylist too!

  3. Laura

    So true! But, why are the women the only one’s depicted commenting on the finishes? Come on guys!

  4. Jeremiah

    I do this to my wife all the time. She just shakes her head and tries to change the subject. :-\ Occupational hazard. :-P

  5. Joshua Lloyd

    This all sounds to familiar. It is like you were apart of our dinner conversation over the weekend. Oh wait, you were there. I am a little disappointed that 5 balls for 6 architects did not make the cut.

  6. Architexts

    if you look closely, they are in there! Scott has a special Sauerkraut Balls appetizer in front of him….and notice there are only 5.

  7. Belal

    HAHA! This is classic.

  8. Rochelle

    I love the Beer sign in the background

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