Professional Titles

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  1. ARCHcowboy

    Offensive is one thing, but its also illegal in many (if not all) states to call or represent yourself as an Architect if you are not.

  2. ARCHigurl

    I’m not an architect but I get offended when people not in design use the term. Like she was the architect of this party.

  3. E Architect

    They also use ‘Engineer’ the same way at times. Yes, it is illegal most everywhere to use these professional titles when you are not one. Really, what is an “Architectural Designer?”

  4. gonk

    “Engineer” does get used this way a lot – often in extreme ways, even more so than architect. Still, within the A&E community, both are terms with specific meaning. We have several very capable guys in our office with engineering degrees who we can not call engineers because they don’t have their PE’s. Anyone who works in our industry should know better than to cheat about that. Aside from being unprofessional, it is also grounds to get sanctioned or fined by the state boards.

  5. Breworks

    All remarks above are true and serious. Still, the punchline, regarding what does design include, is funny.