Phone vs. Email

Discussion (7)

  1. MrJackson

    “I’m calling you to let you know that I sent you an email letting you know that I sent you a fax.”

  2. Matt

    completely agreed. Its the only way to accurately nail lying contractors and lazy consultants. Otherwise, its just going to be your word against theirs.

    Email = evidence!

  3. Breworks

    Life in the fast lane …

  4. JCM

    I always send an email, and call them to call to follow up if they received it. As a matter of fact I CC the email most of the times to my boss, this way we have two witnesses that the email was sent.

    This happens before calling or after calling… “as per our conversation…”
    Paper trails are the best way to cover your a$$

  5. lorem

    This cracks me up. How hard is it to pick up the phone? Nine times out of ten you’ll have your answer in the time it takes to write the email!

    You can always follow up with an email to keep the trail – my ass has been saved by that more than once.

  6. Greg J

    You don’t have a written log of your phone conversations?

    Or what you were told to do by your boss or whoever? When they inevitably question you why you did something, you open the log and say ‘On October 28 about 7:15 you told me to…….’

  7. joearch

    I always follow up a phone call with an email – “just to confirm my understanding of our conversation, you stated … ” and “please respond if this is not correct.”