Stupid Question

Discussion (6)

  1. R Burns

    More like a stupid answer to what could in some circumstances actually be a reasonable question.

  2. P Barden

    This “R Burns” must have one of those Baby Boomer mentalities that cloud the cutting edge thoughts of the Gen X and millenium generations. His office must be overflowing with paper sets, which would validate such questions.

    To think some firms still print drawings…get with the times! Material tangibility of instuments of service is so 2009.

  3. Dude

    no r burns, stupid question. oviously someone left them there or was looking at them and walked away. obviously the person asking isn’t really wondering why those drawings exist in the world. but if they are asking because they want something done with them (like rolled up and put away) then they should have asked that instead.

  4. RipRap

    That would not be a question, Dude, but a command (imperative). The question invites the listening audience (perpetrator unknown to the inquisitor) to consider their potential guilt and take corrective action (tactic known to parents & managers). The ‘clever’ remark in response to the open ended question is juvenile and, as suggested by ‘r burns’, a stupid answer.

  5. sag1271

    I don’t see any drawings “sitting” on the table so to even ask the question of something that simply doesn’t exist is quite ridiculous. Furthermore, to even respond to a question of something that doesn’t exist is just wasting time instead of doing something meaningful and productive for his/their/your client(s). For example, he/they/you could be spell checking his/their/your documents. Barden, Dude – Hint, hint…
    So I guess I am forced to agree with RipRap. It is a stupid answer when we all know the only acceptable response is, “They probably fell out of your ass”

  6. formerly known as

    If you don’t want drawings to sit on a table, don’t put a giant table there for people to put drawings on. Why else would you put a drawing sized table in an architecture office? If you want a better answer, ask a better question.