Holiday Donations

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  1. BillG

    Even better, take all of the material sent to you and stuff it back into the prepaid envelope. This gets your name removed from unwanted donation soliciations as well.

  2. Nate

    I love it. We take the terms and conditions of unwanted credit card applications, stick them in the prepaid envelope and mail it. Together, we can keep the USPS in business!

  3. Breworks


  4. Drafter J


  5. Der Alta

    Long story, cut short. My Uni screwed me on a few thousand dollars, and a year after graduating, they sent me a donation envelope. I dropped a dime in it. Yes, $0.10. and mailed it off. They got the last word though, in fact both of the last words. They sent me a receipt, and included me on the list of donors the following year.