Job Outlook

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  1. rami

    More than a few of my friends and co-workers saw that yesterday, the first line was like getting punched in the stomach.

  2. jesus

    does anyone else think it’s sad that the lady from my defaulted student loans called me because this story reminded her of me? fml

  3. MickeyA

    It never too late to change professions!

  4. E Architect

    I have come to believe that Architecture is one of those “long-term” majors. You have to be willing to work toward it over many years, even through horrible employment downturns, if you really feel it is what you want to do. If you think you can’t do that – then please change majors now! – and yes that opening line sounds just like my freshman architecture professor’s “welcome to the major” speech…. back in 1987!

  5. shari

    Password is advancingwithus
    This is what changed my unployed status and is helping many others
    Not MLS and not sales check it out.

  6. shari