Discussion (5)

  1. cadBlaster

    I used to work for a Principal who would run around the office with his Iphone blasting “That’s what she said!” when he wasn’t in the mood to seriously answer any questions. Same guy would peter out during redlines by turning bollard details into phalluses. Did i mention he was a principal in the firm???!?

  2. Clemen1970

    If Mr. Franklin replied with an LMFAO to an LOL sent by a consultant, then IMHO he’s just kissing the consultant’s ass.

    I bet the HVAC engineer is “kidding about something” that will explode in Mr. Franklin’s face later.

  3. Your Kidding

    Mine would draw piles of poop with files and steam next to poor drafting. And yes he too was a principal. That I do not mind so much becuase it was meant in fun. But have the head princple have a ring tone of “The Wife is Calling” is very unprofessional.

  4. drafting4ever

    wish i had a boss as outrageous as u guys. intsead of uptight shirt and ties. u take it for granted.

  5. NicoleT

    I’m with ‘drafting4ever’. I’m glad my boss is a goofball and not some uptight shirt and tie guy with no sense of humor. Why does everything have to be so stuffy all of the time?