Sacrifices II

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  1. ARCHcowboy

    Lived this! Was dumped in college by a girlfriend of 3 years. Her reason…
    “I don’t like having to compete with a building (meaning studio)”

  2. Jeremiah

    It doesn’t really change after college. College is replaced by career. Then there is IDP, the licensing process, continuing education, conferences, symposiums, new technology, lunch and learns….The only way to have a successful relationship as an architect is to realize the truth – you’re married to your work and your significant other is your mistress. :-)

  3. Der Alta

    Boston Architectural College has killed more of my friends relationships, than real life itself has.

  4. iGet it

    Once I was done with school my mindset changed. You can still be dedicated to your architecture without being married to it…unless you also marry an architect!

    But seriously, work is not your life; it’s just one small part of it.

  5. Greg J

    Married 41 years including time in school with 2 children. 6 years to get a 5 year degree. Another seven to get licensed. Not saying it’s easy. You do what you need to do. Architecture is not life.

  6. formerly known as

    I was working on a presentation the night of the 15th, then at 7:30pm everything crashed and I lost it all. I had to stay til 2am to redo it all. My girlfriend wasn’t the least bit pleased. Thanks for always being so timely.