Taking the AREs: Almost Done

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  1. archtim

    I rushed home everyday to check the mailbox after taking my last exam….so stressful! But when it finally came with a pass, I never felt so relieved, lol!

  2. tonydott

    Even worse are the lovely ‘supplemental’ exams that some states require. Afterall, why would 7 nationally recognized exams be sufficient to test a candidate’s knowledge.

  3. tldaia

    A little history lesson:

    In the old days before the computer exam, you could only take the written exam once a year and the the two graphic exams twice a year.

    The California Supplemental Exam was an oral exam administered by 3 architects. If you failed that exam you had to wait at least 6 months before you could reapply.

    Now the supplemental exam is another computer test.

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