IDP 2.0: Emails


  1. mclaw

    IDP 2.0 is a pain in the *ss, and as an intern stuck in the middle/near the end, the transition is adding a few hundred hours of required hours. They are changing the breakdown of categories (breaking one existing categories into two, and combining two into one), and changing the amount of required hours in most categories to absorb more of those “floating” hours. Essentially they are splitting Code Research into two categories, adding hours, essentially adding 60 hours, adding 240 hours to engineering, adding 200 hours to Site analysis, splitting Building Cost Analysis into two categories and adding 80 hours, adds 40 hours to Specs and Materials, and adds 120 hours to Project Management. They also changed the classification for the work place settings.

    The good news is, if you had completed certain requirements in the old system, you will not be required to meet the new requirements. Because of that, instead of 740 required hours in particular categories, I’m “only” getting stuck with 180 new hours, in categories that I cannot easily get hours in (code, project management).