Tracking Down

Discussion (5)

  1. L.

    Usually I get blamed for e-mails my boss sent, and even after they figure out it’s their fault in the first place, then I get blamed for something else.

  2. Random Architect

    “Mr. Newbury wasn’t sure when told me”. This is like the 5th time I’ve found bad grammar on your comics; you should just hire me to be your editor before you publish these bad boys. :)

  3. PSUBill80

    @Random – The sentence you cited is actually complete (“Mr. Newbury wasn’t sure when he told me” (unless Maverick posted an updated version). Of course, a “second set of eyes” is always good (read on).

    @Maverick – Unfortunately, you’re not off the hook. When I read the first panel, I couldn’t understand why you would go back to the HVAC engineer who lost the original to ask him for a copy to put in his files. The first balloon should say that “Mr. Newbury lost the original and needs a copy for his files.”

  4. Tim

    To PSUBi1180 your guess is right it got revised I also noticed the ‘typo’ that Random Architect is commenting about. It is cool that they ‘correct’ these but it might be fun when they do to get a ‘Revision #1′ etc…or maybe not.

  5. lorem

    Don’t forget the revision clouds.