AutoCAD 2013

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  1. JSL

    Mine will sit on my desk unopened for at least 2 months.

  2. Sheldon

    OMG, she has some specs to work on!

  3. Random Architect

    Every year the new cad comes out and the changes are minor and for the most part insignificant. For instance, you’d think by now that the default hatch patterns that come with cad would actually be useful. I wonder if cad 2013 comes with anything better than “STARS” and “ZIGZAG”.

  4. s

    I usually wait for service pack 1 to come out before installing.

  5. Tristain

    hahaha… Yeah, I’m still working in 2009.

  6. Central Standard

    This is can’t be based on reality. What architectural firm gets new A’cad two years in a row?


  7. CAD Sucks

    They tweaked the command line. Seriously. And that’s one of the “major” features. Tweaking the stupid command line.

  8. Paul Munford