Upgrades Woes

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  1. MrJackson

    Never trust autosave. Never.

  2. anon

    move away from AutoCAD already !!! thats where you went wrong

  3. MtnArch

    Rarely happens with DataCAD – constantly happens with AutoCAD.

  4. Random Architect

    Two words – hand drafting.

  5. Jenya

    It is a sign to switch to Revit!

  6. V

    Guys, you are missing a huge part of a typical arch office interaction: the never ending discussion of food and dining…. c’mon!

  7. Rufio

    wait your not synchronizing yet? for shame!

  8. Jenya

    Revit isn’t that much better. If anything Its much more prone to crashing (at least for our company). Plus with Revit, no Autosave. None.

  9. Diegus

    One word.. Vectorworks

  10. Paul Munford

    Save early, save often!


    Two reasons why you should never trust Autosave to do this for you:
    CAD Panacea: The Autosave Mystery
    Confused by AutoSave in AutoCAD? (HyperPics: Beyond the UI)


  11. Joearch

    two words: MS Paint