The Truth

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  1. Sadie

    I remember running into a future architecture student a few years after graduating… and telling him what is all required to be a licensed architect. I will never forget his “deer in headlights” look. I think they purposly refrain from telling current students how it really is so they can interject the same pain they experienced… i can see them sitting in their office cackling.. rubbing their hands together and rocking back and forth….

    Given the chance to go back and change my career path, i can’t say that i would change anything… i love it. The long hours, little pay and no appreciation would make someone on the outside think we are fit for a mental institution. But to tell someone to go into architecture… i can’t say that i would recommend it

  2. Matt

    Maybe your experiencing a shade of masochism? If you don’t like your life, change it. No one wants to be married to a shell of a person unhappy with their job. No one wants that as a friend as well. Your mom doesnt want that for her son or daughter, and sure as hell your co-workers dont want your pessimistic personality around. Change your life, before its too late.

  3. Sadie

    Well “Matt”, apparently you have been one of the lucky ones who has been able to avoid the effects of this gracious economic downturn and what is has done to this profession. It’s enough to jade even the most possitive of people. Good luck in your bubble of a world.

  4. Josh

    I remember prospective students walking through the design studio and stopped to ask us about the profession. He was expecting high pay so he could have lots of toys, ie cars, boats etc. I think he changed his mind after we said, sure if you marry a woman with money.

  5. Matt

    Sadie, You mad bro? But seriously, Your failure to be happy and satisfied with what you are doing can be blamed on no one but you. By allowing yourself to blame outside circumstances for the difficulties in your own life, and to be pessimistic, or jaded from it, would be your own inability to handle your emotions.
    To call me Lucky is fair, but it also discounts the effort and energy I put into being successful, which is insulting. My bubble world is where I have to be strong enough to take on anything without being obnoxious about it, which makes me even more valuable. What does your jaded attitude earn you?