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  1. A real architect

    CAD Mon-Keys is a better name for this comic strip. There are never any real issues covered by real architects. Like how we deal w/ prima donna interns who honestly believe they are one of Corbusier’s direct descendants.


    once the time sucking, financial web of BIM enters your life autocad will feel as simple as a screwdriver. Get ready, every building forever linked to some mothership of so called ‘service provision’ (energy recording, paint drying, what have you) to give an owner what he truly does not need ..but will update with new ‘versions’ yearly.

  3. Real Architect?

    prima donna interns are a “real issues”?

    You hired them, perhaps you are the issue.

  4. tldaia

    Can’t we all just get along?

  5. ololdcomics

    Is it just me or do all these comics just blur together as one because they are all the same? Where are comics about dealing with things like owners insisting in non-code compliant designs, contractors working something out with the owner and not clueing in the design team, or when have *gasp* some comics that show the positives of architecture and why there is still satisfaction in being an architect despite the long hours and thankless work.

  6. matt

    Dear “Real Architect”

    In big companies, The drafters (Cad monkeys) ARE architects. Please visit larger firms to learn more about the industry your pretending to be part of. But seriously, If you dont like intern attitudes, then dont take them on. Whining about something that’s your fault in the first place makes you look like a child.