Those Were The Days

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  1. matt

    q: Why aren’t you excited to do your job?
    a: Because your doing it wrong.

  2. Sheldon

    That’s one of our biggest problems – lack of field experience!

  3. ArchiLEEDguy

    The problem is that the reality is so far off from the expectation that set for us. When your first impression of the industry is one that makes you bitter, that takes a while to recover from. Students need to be exposed to the reality of architecture sooner, rather than getting a nasty wake up call. It’s a widespread problem. It’s not about doing your job wrong, the problem is that you did everything right and reality of the business is you won’t be working for a starchitect, and likely won’t become one.

    The reality is that a majority of us spend a good chunk of years at the start of our careers “paying our dues” in a way we are completely ignorant about when we finish school. We spend years studying to design buildings and we spend the first 5-10 years out of college copying flashing details and running prints. If you’re lucky enough to walk off the graduation stage into a job where you’re designing or working dollar projects, you are in the extreme minority.

  4. MrVeegas

    you’re, not your.

  5. matt

    Come on. That’s like taking music lessons and complaining about not becoming a rock star. If YOU’RE being crushed about life not meeting YOUR pollyanish expectations, you should really get over and fix you aim, instead of justifying a crappy attitude because of it. Or even worse, attempting to justify someone else’s crappy attitude. If there are any systemic changes that can be made to improve this, it would be the passive aggressive “oh poor me” learning to kick aside things that make their life such a tragedy and get on with achieving something great. The only thing that’s worse, is being a grammar Nazi when you get offended by someone hitting a nerve.

  6. decade drafter

    Matt. i read these comics all the time and alway see ur posts. ur kind of a jerk. and architecture isnt all roses. and u seem to think everything is everyone elses fault. when there are some really unefficient and misleading views in architecture. No the industry isnt evil. but it surley isnt what u expected when u were in school. Its ultra competative. and the best person doesnt always get ahead. more like who kisses arse the most. But besides the point. ur very self righteouse. check ur self instead of everyone else.

  7. decade drafter

    oh wait. shady arse kissers getting ahead. that is just like school..

  8. Matt

    You know, I guess your right. Listen up everyone! Decade Drafter thinks your whining is justified! Your crappy attitudes and feelings of entitlement is definitely not self perpetuating in any way, and you are in no way able to influence your work environment to make it any better. Your stuck in the sad sorry state of where you are, and there is no coming to grips with it and moving on without being a whiny child about it. And I am a complete jerk for pointing out that your antics could use a bit of self reflection before being mad over. I am sorry for shaking you all up and making you feel like you are capable of fixing your lives on your own. my unefficient and misleading views in architecture and the subculture of complainers who believe “it surley isnt what u expected when u were in school.” Lol. Lol lol lol.
    Im sorry, I cant keep this up with the sarcasm. I dont feel sorry for you, maybe you should go grubbing for it elsewhere? aw, “Arse kissing” is the way that you see gets someone ahead, and you let someone else do it better than you? Im sure that makes it a really unfair world. Dude, how about you try some ass kissing and learn to get ahead? it seems to be the thing holding you back.