None Of Your Business

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  1. SchearerARCH

    This is directed at “Those Were the Days” comments

    There are two problems here.
    In today’s Social Media, surely, by now, there should be a font to clearly indicate sarcasm.
    For example: Matt, you are a ray of sunshine. The depth of your insight is moving, like a bowel.

    Architecture as Profession, a Perception, and Education are all entirely different :
    Education Myth – I’m going to learn how to design buildings that a responsive to their environment.
    Education Fact – I have to paint a water color, 3-point perspective of how Green makes me feel, then justify it in a 17 page essay citing classical and contemporary sources.

    Perception Myth – as an Architect I spend my days designing buildings and environments to shape the experience of the men and women who only experience my influence from the periphery. When I’m not molding the minds of men, I stand astride unfinished steel framing, rising 50 stories out of the ground, hands planted on my hips, my elbows pointing out, chest thrust forward as if my defiance would move the edifice beneath me.
    Perception Reality – I’ve gained 40lbs since I graduated. The only thing I defy is gravity and my belt. I spend my days sending emails and making phone calls. I haven’t drawn anything in 3 weeks now, and the last thing I did design is currently getting taking behind the wood shed to be Value Anal-yzed!

    Truth is the Profession is multifaceted. It requires generalists, specialists, and politics. Some people are needed to kiss ass, it’s called keeping the client happy. Most specialists are detail oriented, sometimes down to corner of the pigeon hole they feel stuck in later. Designers are specialists who aren’t always technically adept to the building sciences. Generalists can roam the field, but will always find someone better than them somewhere along the way. Ultimately we are all trying to find solutions to problems.

    Architecture is a difficult field to bear without some interest. I can assume that if you stuck with it through the Education and Intern process, then you probably belong. If you’re not happy, it’s because you haven’t found your problem to solve. You’re never too old to start asking questions and pushing the envelope of experience.

    Now go, be free, fly……….

  2. Matt

    When it comes to dealing with the adolescent views of adults I am abrasive. I find that effluence and sunny dispositions should be reserved for PBS programming for children. You aren’t doing much more than hand feeding a bunchy of whiny architects the same information about the industry that they had before. Why do you think the absorption rate will be any better this time? You need to shake people up to get them to achieve more. You wont get it from letting them get fat, lazy, disenchanted, and unoffended.

  3. Garcia

    Matt, you are an ass. I am glad that everything is great in your perfect little life. As an architect, I have struggled to get were I am. I am doing just fine and I have a job that I enjoy, but that does not mean that I can’t agree and sympathize with some of the elements pointed out in this comic. I still have stubborn project managers that I cant always agree with.

  4. Matt

    My dearest Garcia,
    If you feel the need to call me an ass, there is no way that I take that other than you are offended. My life isn’t perfect or little, It has taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice that I am proud of. But thanks for assuming incorrectly. (repetitive life problem much?) On the other hand, sympathize is such an interesting word. I would enjoy the chance to know about your sympathies, and how people haven’t taken advantage of them in the past. I also would like to know why those same sympathies don’t extend to the project managers? Do you call them asses too when they expect more of you? When they are unhappy with you?
    You will never have a P.M. that has your back 100% even when they are on your payroll, but that being said, your personal interaction with them could be smoother with a wider understanding of their stresses as well as their inadequacies. Your ability to deal with everyone else’s individual needs and personalities is one of the many aspects of being a good at the business. Good luck with finding a way to getting ahead in such an integral part of your job. Maybe one day when you are defending your position to some other “ass”, you will see that this aspect of your life is in no way a big deal, and can easily be overcome, almost laughingly so. And you will think of how silly you felt bringing it up as a point of contention.
    with all my love