Air Conditioning

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  1. phildathrill83

    Same problem in our office, yet, we are an MEP consulting firm! We didn’t design the system, but it definitely seems odd to clients when they come in.

  2. Lancelot

    You would be surprised… I’m a Mechanical Engineer, and the previous firm I was at had a horrible HVAC system. Half the people with exterior windows had electric space heaters going all winter, etc. My current firm is renting space in an office building, so little control over the systems and zoning here as well. I swear most of us could design better systems in our sleep. Maybe we should add that note to the drawings for the contractors – Do as I say, not as I do.

  3. matt

    How are there so many people afraid to adjust diffusers in the ceiling?

  4. Bob

    In our office, we have a conference room that we could hang meat in, it’s so cold. Each level of the building outside of that is totally screwy…one level is hot, even with AC on, other level is bearable. System has been checked, cleaned, balanced…still can’t figure it out.

  5. rmpilote

    Yes we do!!!
    Every change of season!!

  6. matt

    Oh this is a funny thread.
    Everyone go google “Zone damper adjustment”.
    Go to your maintenance closet, grab a ladder, and fix your own office’s HVAC.
    Get those soft little sausage fingers up there and get it done.

  7. Swaddy

    Our office temperature is rising every hour about 1°C (33F?). So we begin at 20° in the morning and in the afternoon it’s like 26° or more. And the season doesn’t matter at all :-)