Professional Discounts II

Discussion (3)

  1. Rami

    Architectural Record called me at work a few days ago to tell me that they have been sending me free issues for the past year, even though I have made no effort in getting or keeping a subscription, and that it will now stop. Two days later I received yet another free issue of Architectural Record.

  2. Brian

    Somehow I started getting Chemical Engineering magazine. I even tried to cancel the subscription, and I still get it along with several spammy emails a week.

  3. tldaia

    All of the architects and interns in our office are members of the AIA. Each one of us gets a copy of Architectural Record. We have told them to stop sending them to us when they make their monthly calls. They even asked us if we would like to make a donation subscription to a local architecture school or high school for $10.00/year. Why bother? We just give them our extra copies. Absolutely insane.